Play Station Portable

   25 March 2005, early afternoon

One of my coworkers stood in like from 8:00 in the morning till 12:00 at night to be one of the first people to get a Play Station Portable. He brought his new toy in to work the next day. I want one. The screen is absolutely amazing. I watched part of Spiderman II, as well as clips from various games, and it all looked great. The screen is so sharp. I really don’t see how the Nintendo DS is going to compete. It looks so kludgy in comparison.



  1. I’m looking forward to seeing and holding one of these in real life…

  2. yeah.. a buddy of mine got it too.. it’s so crazily clear…..
    but at 300 bux, it better be clear… :P

    :: drools ::

  3. They look amazing. The guy from ddoi put all his photos on his psp. Its still too expensive though.

  4. I just played with the PSP & DS side-by-side, PSP is the hands down winner…gotta say I haven’t been this excited about a console since seeing the Killer Instinct arcade game advertising Ultra64

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