9 November 2010, terribly early in the morning

Yesterday was a long and exhausting day. What better way to cap such a day off than by watching Primer, one of the craziest movies I have ever seen. It’s a time-travel film, but calling it simply a time-travel film does it a great injustice. I think it’s one of the best science fiction films i’ve seen in quite some time. It’s very creative. It’s also fairly confusing. At 77 minutes in length, I was tempted to watch the film again right after Shima and I finished watching it. At the start of the film it’s not quite clear what’s going on. Then there comes a moment of clarity when you realize, “hey, they finally figured out they built a time machine.” They explain how the machine works, and then the film quickly becomes confusing again. The film was made by a real life engineer, who wrote and stars in the film. (Nice.) They apparently made the movie for $7000, which is amazing: the film doesn’t look low budget at all. I really enjoyed the movie. I’ll definitely watch it again. (Yet another Netflix FTW!)

The official Primer website.



  1. It is pretty crazy. The guy who wrote it refused to dumb down the science behind it. He also couldn’t find an actor that didn’t he liked. He wanted the guys to be normal joes. All the actors looked like they were acting. So he took on the role of the main character as well.

    He also planned and rehearsed so much so that his used film to film in the movie ratio was something incredible like 2:1. ie he filmed about 154 min of film only! Most films get something like 6-1’ish, bigger films can get upwards of 20-1. Crazy!

  2. Didn’t you watch this with us years ago?

    Primer timeline

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