13 March 2009, mid-morning

Mez let me know the following was taking place downtown:

Please be advised that it has been reported that on Monday, March 16th between 1:00pm and 6:00pm approximately 25,000 members of Toronto’s Tamil community may form a human chain on sidewalks in the downtown core. The demonstration, to protest events in Sri Lanka, is expected to be peaceful.

Damn that’s a lot of people. If this actually happens, it will be the second protest like this since the fighting picked up again in the North. If there is one thing Tamil people in Toronto do a good job with, it’s putting on protests like this. I have yet to see an event about the war in Sri Lanka that has been poorly attended. Even the protest a few years back during the TTC strike was busy. I think Tamil people should run courses on how to organize protests for other groups — cough Persians cough.



  1. oh yeah?
    piss off.

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