26 April 2004, late afternoon

I watched Punisher on saturday night. I make it a point to go see all the comic book movies hollywood has been churning out recently, if only to make sure that they don’t stop making them. Punisher was horrible. For a film about getting revenge, there really wasn’t much violence going on. There was the occasional arrow through the neck and knife through the mouth, but not enough to redeem the film. The lady John Travolta’s character was married to was sexy, in a sexy old lady sort of way, which was one high light of the film.



  1. Have you seen Hellboy?

  2. Not yet. Probably will do that soon. Are you going to be in Toronto anytime soon. We can wait for you if you want.

  3. I’ve already seen it and I don’t know when I’ll be back. It’s a good movie, though.

  4. I’ll let you know when we go watch it. Then we can discuss it in great detail, and ruin the film for everyone else.

  5. Aww, am I included in “everyone else” ? I’ve been told it’s not that good. Still haven’t seen it, but I saw Walking Tall (The Rock) today and it was decent (though not on par with ‘The Rundown’).

    Anyways, yeah, nothing matters anyways since it’s all about Pei Mei. Pei Mei is the man.

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