28 August 2006, mid-morning

I was at Republic this weekend; it’s a night club in Toronto’s clubbing district. I haven’t been to a proper night club in ages. Most of the places I go to now don’t have any girls dressed all skankalicious, don’t play hip-hop, and aren’t packed to the brim with people: I don’t know how I managed to stay away for so long. Not much had changed in my absence. Booty shorts seem to be much more popular now—awesome. Otherwise I suppose girls were wearing the same sorts of outfits they always wear out. I’m always impressed by the creative ways young girls manage to show off their more tangible assets. There was a ton of music I had never heard before; seeing as how I don’t listen to the radio, this was to be expected. It’s strange watch everyone else go nuts over a song you have no clue about. I need to download some new music.



  1. I go away for 8 days and this is what you have been up to? I guess it’s better than you playing WOW… GRR..

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