16 October 2004, lunch time

Mandy Moore was actually quite entertaining to watch as the Christian nut job in Saved. The film is about a few kids at a Christian high school down in the states. I don’t want to say anymore about the plot because it’s pretty ridiculous. The movie has a pretty good cast of teenage actors who all played their respective parts quite well. I thought the film was quite funny, though at times sappy; can’t fault them for that. Watching the special features you can see they wanted to make the film slightly racier then they were allowed. The movie points out the flaws and hypocrisy of evangelical christianity (and I suppose any religion for that matter), and does so in a cute way. The film is definitely work checking out.

The official Saved web site



  1. hey man! nice site! =) what’s a funkaoshi? haha, wutcha doing these days? .. add me! =)

  2. this has nothing to do with this post, but Ram, I thought you’d appreciate this comic strip.

    this is the first installment of my guerilla blogging technique, where I show up on other people’s blogs and post things I find interesting. It oughta last me till I get my new site up.

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