6 March 2005, early afternoon

Saw was quite the thriller; I really enjoyed it. The movie begins with two men waking up in a dark dank room. There is a dead man in the centre of the room, holding a gun and a tape recorder. Each man has a tape in their pockets. The movie unfolds in this room, and through a series of flashbacks. There are plenty of twists and turns to keep you engrossed in the film. The ending is quite cool. This film is definitely worth checking out, assuming you don’t scare easily.

I watched 4 movies this weekend, which was excellent. I haven’t done something like that since I started working.

The official Saw web site.



  1. That movie was killer. I never usually watch horror movies but this was a good one. Nice twist near the end too.

  2. I think there were some real problems with Cary Elwes performance and maybe some of the dialogue.

    The most impressive thing about the movie was its production values considering it was shot in 18 days. I mean, that’s just something you have to respect.

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