Scar Your Children

   14 April 2005, mid-afternoon

Mena Trott, of Six Apart fame, runs the blog Not A Dollar Short. This in and of itself doesn’t make her particularly interesting; however, her bizarre childhood certainly does. I enjoyed reading about her dreams of being on Star Search. I have long dreamed of lying to my children about anything and everything I can; her parents had the same idea, telling her she had a brother she didn’t and that she didn’t need a rock tumbler when they were shopping one day since she had a rock tumbler at home. There are some pretty melancholy stories too, which I can’t help but like. Her particularly bleak entry about camp is excellent. So, How do you like them apples?



  1. I hope you realise, we’re not actually going to do that to our children! 8o|

  2. i agree with sh!ma

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