School So Far

    6 January 2004, lunch time

School has been pretty good so far. I had my marxist theory class yesterday, and it sounds like it will be interesting. I’m hoping it isn’t too much work.

We went to FED 102 last night, we being me and gary. We got there quite early, maybe 9:30 or so, and were surprised to see we weren’t alone. I left messages with people letting them know to go, so Gary and I sat around waiting to see who would show. Victor, Rick and Phoebe ended up showing up, which was cool. We spent most of the night with them. I saw a lot of people I hadn’t seen in a while, which is always nice.

Waking up this morning for my Compilers class was hard. I think I have been to 2 other 8:30 classes my entire university career. The first time was when I was taking CS 251 with Robert Mann. There was another section being offered, and I used to go to that one because it was later. One day I happened to wake up early, and decided I’d go and check out the class I was supposed to be attending. The second time was when I was taking Group Theory. I skipped all the lectures and taught the material to myself because I didn’t want to wake up in the morning. (Apparently Prof. Ng taught so slow that there really was no point attending class anyway.) We had an in-class midterm for the class, so I had to go to that class.

I’m in the C&D now, waiting for my statistics class to start. I am not looking forward to the class at all.



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