Seven Swords

   12 September 2005, late evening

I attended the North American premiere of Tsui Hark’s latest film, Seven Swords earlier today. The film is an adaptation of a Chinese martial arts novel. In the movie, a group of seven swordsmen have to protect a town from bandits. (Sound familiar?) I found the film was a little bit disjoint at times. Sometimes the action and story move very quickly, and at other times things really drag out and move quite slow. That said, the fight sequences were incredible. The ending sword fights in the film are really impressive. If you like Tsui Hark’s other films, I don’t see why you wouldn’t enjoy this one as well.

Information on Seven Swords.



  1. I felt kind of bad that I really and truly enjoyed The Magnificent Seven a lot more than Seven Samurai. Like. A lot more. I’ve carried this burden for years, and have now absolved myself of my guilt.

    Thank you, Ramanan.

    Also, you’ve not linked to any hot actresses or Indian models in like, days. I feel that absolution is best when served with bikinis.

  2. The director’s cut of Seven Swords is 4 hours long which might explain the pacing and lack of explanation for certain things.

  3. Ben, I don’t approve… Ram is not allowed to link to any more “hot actresses or Indian Models”. 8o|

  4. Is this a vote? Cus if so…I’m voting he does…Specifically Aish and other hotties in Amsterdam for an awards ceremony…

  5. Ahilan, who’s side are you on?
    I thought I could count on you!

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