Shima Can Cook

    5 March 2007, terribly early in the morning

I came back from lunch at Yasi’s place to find Shima hard at work making Banana Bread. She was letting her aggression out on some far too ripe bananas. (She was mad at me for not taking out the recycling, buying nails I was supposed to buy, and for generally being a lazy-ass.) When I first met Shima she was almost proud about the fact she couldn’t cook. More so, she would make no attempt whatsoever to try and cook, she was so convinced she couldn’t do it. I’m sure she regrets not trying sooner: she may have ate better while away at Waterloo. Her Banana Bread turned out pretty good; certainly an excellent first attempt at the dish. She and I made Ghaimeh Polo for dinner, which also turned out quite well. Cooking for 1 is a chore, and though ultimately satisfying, usually not worth all the effort. Cooking for 2 is infinitely more enjoyable.



  1. cooking is your immagination whaterever in the pantry you can make good meal but after cleaning up is ramanan job.make sure he is doing it

  2. Strange, that doesn’t sound like Krishna at all. If anything, that sounds like a middle-aged immigrant Tamil women who has apparently figured out how to use the Internet.

  3. haha, i nominate this for the best thread ever.

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