Shima is my Girlfriend.

   21 January 2005, lunch time

Shima is my girlfriend. Shima loves Japanese exchange students. Shima is obsessed with Karate. Shima loves her brother Ali. Shima speaks Persian. Shima is good at making stuff. Shima knows all about roundabouts. Shima has donated lots of blood. Shima is a Muslim. Shima gets mad at me sometimes. Shima is a geekasaurus. Shima makes excellent French toast. Shima’s cousin is Hanif. Shima likes it when I surprise her. Shima wants a ring from Tiffany’s. Shima’s friend Nina is hot; meow. Shima is obsessed with getting good marks. Shima is a Stats queen. Shima doesn’t like it when you call her brown, trust me, I know from experience. Most of all though, Shima doesn’t think I write enough about her.

update: I need to fix the broken links on Shima’s site!



  1. RAM! 8o|

  2. hhahha, this entry is a medley of humour and sweetness :)


  3. Very ammusing…Didn’t know she was so sensitive to being called brown..but now I remember the story of how you 2 met..and you called her brown…idiot lol…Why would anyone want to know about roundabouts? French toast does sound good right about now….and finally, stats is the devil..It’s part of the axis of evil….I’m sure of it.

  4. you should add one more line: “Shima’s birthday is on the 22nd of January.”
    :D yay..

  5. Happy birthday baby. You’re only 2 years younger then me!

  6. Damn guy, you’re robbing the cradle. =P

  7. did u know my name is shima and my brothers name is ali ?its wonderfull! im from iran and so glad to see this!
    have fun and bye

  8. I wish these links still worked.

  9. That’s awesome! What are the chances of finding another set of siblings with the exact same names? Specially when one has a non typical Persian name (Not sure if it’s even Persian) and the other the most common Persian name!

    That made my day!

    And I wish those links worked too, but what if I want to become the Prime Minister? Or if Jeff read my blog! It was so bait! :O

  10. “Alikoochooloo, un marde koochak”

    (I’m sorry this doesn’t make sense to anyone other than those who grew up watching persian cartoons… But I think my name twin will get it!)

  11. Awesome…really awesome!!!!
    My real name is Shima.
    So and I`m a Japanese what living in Japan.
    I was very surprise this web site title.”What?!” lol I thought my American boyfriend are writing this blog.

  12. va agar midanesti ke che zakhmi darad khangar az daste azizan khordan az mane khasteh nemiporsidi ke chera tanhaie
    by ghasem ontime 1:15tus iran
    ilove you shima

  13. I think this is what Ghasem is trying to say ..literally:

    “If only you knew the scar left over from having a loved one stab you in the heart with an anchor, you wouldn’t ask me why I am alone.”

    Ghasem, when will the proposal come? I’m use to Persian men asking for my hand in marriage before they tell me they love me.

    By the way, I expect nothing less than a big Tiffany’s ring!

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