Short Hair

   11 October 2006, mid-afternoon

You may recall I had long hair some time back in October. I actually got it trimmed shortly after posting that message, and it looked pretty dreadful; so dreadful in fact that I put off getting my hair cut for the next 10 to 11 months. I had a huge mane of hair that looked pretty ridiculous. To keep it all manageable, I started wearing my newsboy cap again. I’ve had it since I was in grade 11, and my dad owned it for 15 or so years before that. It is starting to show its age. Some of my friends think that cap is too beat up to be worn outside. I would disagree, I think it is very stylish—very derelict. (An aside: If you see people wearing beat up newsboy caps, I have been doing it for ages now, ergo they are poser-wannabes.) You can only go so long with really long hair before you need to make a decision to grow it out all the way, or to cut it short again.

I decided I needed a hair cut, and went about making arrangements to get one: basically I didn’t do anything but say I needed a hair cut for about 2-3 months. I asked one of my coworkers for her hair dressers number: she’s a bit of a fashionista, so I figured her hair dresser would be really good. “You still haven’t made an appointment!” was what she said to me in response to my query. She then got on her phone and called up the salon to make me an appointment. (She’s the executive assistant where I work, which is a job that requires you be a lot more proactive than I am it seems.) After some negotiating, it was decided I’d get my hair cut at 5:00 that day. The salon was downtown, so I would need to leave work an hour early—to get a hair cut.

I walked into my bosses office. “Is it OK if I leave early today?”

“Sure, sure. Go. Go Go.” I think he felt I just wanted to duck out for the long weekend. My boss is a very understanding sort of fellow.

I wanted to explain I wasn’t trying to get an early start on the long weekend. “I need to get a hair cut, and they can only fit me in at 5:00.”

My boss looked at my long ridiculous hair and laughed.

I have short hair now.



  1. it’s the end of an era, the $9-scarborough-haircut era.

    also, you should have got your haircut at wax on richmond street. they kick ass.

  2. I got it at Image Makeover at Queen and Spadina. The place was dope, plus the guy has been there for something like 17 years. I used to pay $5 dollars for my hair cuts. (I’d never dream of paying $9, come on.) This one was $35! Amortized over the 10 months I wasn’t getting hair cuts that isn’t too bad though.

    The strange part is a lot of people—including my parents—haven’t noticed I cut it.

  3. As long as your boss notices then you’re golden.

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