Sin City

   13 April 2005, late evening

Sin City was excellent. The movie is based on the graphic novels by Frank Miller that share the same name. I think the movie collects the stories from the first three graphic novels. The people involved with the film did an amazing job bringing the comic to life. The film looks stunning. If you look at shots from the movie against shots from the book (nsfw), you’ll see just how close things match. Sin City is like a very gritty film-noire type movie. The dialogue is very campy, but it adds to the effect of the film. Oh, the violence! The violence was ridiculous. The movie features some of the goriest stuff I’ve seen captured on film; well, stylized gore anyway. You would be a fool—a damn fool—not to check Sin City out.

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  1. Woot! Loved the movie, sorry I wasn’t able to wait for ya Ram.

  2. Not a problem. Man, I can’t believe how good this film was.

  3. yeahh.. i was really skeptical of the movie at first too… and i came up suprising and crazily amazed….. wow. those shots that you linked made it even more amazing.

  4. When I first saw the trailer months back i said the movie was either going to be absolutely terrible or really damn cool. it was the latter.

    Of the three stories I loved the one with Marv. He was the best character by far. Never been a fan of Rosario Dawson but she was quite good too.

    “I’m as expert as a palsy victim doing brain surgery with a pipe wrench”

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