4 February 2004, mid-afternoon

I’ve been ripping my CD collection for the past little while, bit my bit. I’m disappointed because I don’t think I can get my entire CD collection on my iPod at 192 ACC. (Yes, I ended up switching down from 224. Most of of my electronica and my super-favourite albums are in at 224 ACC, the rest have been going in at 192.)

Today I ripped some of the singles I bought while in London and Sydney. There are some interesting songs on them I didn’t know I owned. For example, I bought the Go Deep single by Janet Jackson when I was in Sydney during the summer after grade 12. It features remixes of the song by Roni Size and Masters at Work. I have a very bizarre remix by the Mad Professor of Tear Drop. I bought two Natalie Imbruglia singles when I was in OZ as well, one was Big Mistake, the other was Wish I was There They both have some cool B-Sides and a few good live performances of her big hits.

Reading this over, I realize that this post, like many that have come before it, has no real point. One day I will figure out some purpose for this page, well, besides keeping every one up to date on the day to day boredom that is my life.



  1. How are you liking the ACC format? Would you recommend it or is it basically the same as the alternatives?

  2. I think you can tell the difference between ACC and MP3 when they are recorded at the same bit level, ACC sounds better. I haven't heard songs in WMA format, so I can't really say anything about them. Some people like to go on about how great Org Vorbis is. I personally haven't heard anything encoded with it, so I have no idea how it stacks up.

    ACC is a pretty modern format, so I imagine it would be the replacement for MP3s, assuming that more hardware manufactures and software developers use it in their products. Right now, MP3 is really the only true cross-platform standard for digital music. ACC is really a mac-only codec, as Apple seems to be the only company using it.

  3. word, since electronic music is made with signal generators, it generally compresses better than guitar and vocal tracks. you should probably compress your electronic at lower rates and your faye wong stuff at higher rates. of course, jungle should be kept high, on account of all the drums and cymbals.

  4. Interesting. All my electronica on CD though is like Tricky and Portishead and stuff like that. You know my opinion on clicks and beeps.

  5. word. well, then let that be a lesson to all you beep nuts out there. man, quit saying 'interesting' all the damn time. sheesh.

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