Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

    6 February 2005, the wee hours

I enjoyed the retro-chic of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, the story itself may have been a bit of a let down. The movie is about a diabolic robot menace threatening the world, the only one who can stop them is none other then Sky Captain. I think the film is probably aimed for children, but with an attention to detail adults will enjoy. I thought they did an amazing job giving the film it’s old school look. Most of my friends were disappointed with the movie. I think it is worth seeing if only to see the special effects and the way it was filmed.

The official Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow web site



  1. Angelina Jolie is in this one isn’t she? :o

  2. Yeah, but she is always dressed up like a soldier so she isn’t looking as super-hot as normal.

  3. Yeah…I found it disappointing. The Incredibles was way better.

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