Smallville Season 4

    4 December 2006, early evening

So over the last few days I finished watching Season 4 of Smallville. As I feared, the show sort of tanks in the last half of the season. I think the problem is that the whole season seems poorly thought out, and the various plot points we were introduced to at the start of the season were barely fleshed out. I had assumed that Lana being possessed by a Witch and the hunt for the stones would figure more prominently in the show, but these things are really sub-sub-sub-plots of various episodes. One minute Lana is a witch, and just like that she’s not. Great. Jason’s mom shows up a couple times and then she’s dead. Awesome. And what’s with Jason’s transformation into an evil boyfriend? (Nevermind that this plot device was used in Season 3 when we were introduced to Lana’s conflicted Zombie boyfriend.) At least when Boon became evil it sort of made sense — barely. In Jason’s case, there are so many inconsistencies in the plot, and in his character at the start of the season to his character at the end of the season. A couple shots of Jason fuming over Clark and Lana and we’re supposed to believe he’s suddenly turned into a less conflicted Lex. Nevertheless, the last 5 minutes of Season 4 show promise that the upcoming season might be good. I’ve heard Season 5 is much better — we’ll have to wait and see.



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