Smallville Season 4 is ... meh?

   22 November 2006, terribly early in the morning

I’m midway through Smallville season 4. I haven’t watched Smallville in ages, so it’s nice to be watching it again. Season 4 is probably the most hated season of the lot. It’s the one with the “Lana is a Witch and everyone is searching for these stupid stones that came out of nowhere” story arc. I watch Smallville on DVD; since this season is so unpopular, I was waiting patiently for the price of the DVDs to drop. Fast forward a fair amount of time, and Dave buys me Smallville season 5 on DVD. Now, I can’t watch season 5 without watching season 4, so I went out and bought season 4 a week or two ago. So far, it’s really not as bad as I had thought it would be. Smallville Season 3 was awesome. There are some really good story arcs throughout that season, and the finale was top notch. (Smallville usually has kick-ass season finales.) Season 4 has yet to have any real stand out episodes. There are still a few cool moments here and there, but nothing like the earlier seasons. That isn’t to say this season is bad per-say, it’s just not as good. My fear is that the season takes a more serious nose dive in the last 12 or so episodes.

Update: My final thoughts on the season.



  1. after seeing some of season 4 i just stopped watching. but it looks like season 5 is actually pretty good, at least from wat i have seen

  2. Season 6 is the shit

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