Snow Sucks

   18 December 2007, terribly early in the morning

I know there are some people out there that think snow is a magical beautiful thing: you need to ignore those people. Snow sucks. Next to the arctic temperature, snow is the worse thing about Canadian winters. In the city snow is white for a few moments, and then transforms into slush and ice and slushy ice. It is just a vector for salt and dirt to get on your shoes and clothes. Maybe if Toronto had the infrastructure in place to clear the sidewalks of snow I wouldn’t mind it so much. Perhaps snow would be something I’d look at fondly while walking down clear sidewalks. Sadly, Toronto doesn’t know what to do with all its snow, and I have to navigate through the ice and slush my fellow Torontonians have trudged through before me. Snow sucks.



  1. Snow means my birthday is just around the corner. How could you hate it so much. I love the snow!

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