24 July 2014, mid-afternoon

If you watch one near future dystopian science fiction film about a train that circles the earth after a climate change apocalypse, make sure it’s Snowpiercer. What a film! They know how to make movies in Korea. Chris Evans stars in this film, which seems strange, but since I don’t think it’s strange for Korean actors to star in American films maybe i’m just being Western-centric. He is fantastic. All the actors are. Tilda Swinton in particular plays a great shitty British politician. The film is funny and dark and action packed and so many things all at the same time. I’m still trying to figure out what the message of the whole film was. The film has a limited release. You should try and watch it if you can.

The official Snowpiercer website.



  1. I feel like the message of the movie was that when you live in an unjust system the temptation is to overthrow the rulers and rule yourself, telling yourself that you and your friends would rule more justly. But the only real answer is the much harder one. To dismantle the actual mechanisms and institutions of control themselves. That will likely mean forfeiting your safe place in the system and maybe even your life, but it is the only way to ensure that the next generation have a chance to create a better system. So, don’t create a new political party and run for prime minister. Instead, destroy the political and economic system that has perpetuated inequality for generations. Destroy the machine!!

  2. See also

  3. Yeah, I can see the whole film as some sort of Marxist commentary on the base and superstructure.

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