"Cut out his eye!"

    8 January 2005, the wee hours

Mezan convinced Carvill and I to watch Spartan tonight. The film is about a secret service agent trying to find the president’s daughter. Well, there is a lot more depth to the plot then that, but that depth is harder to articulate. The dialog is bizarre; it is very minimalist and Hemingway-esque. The film has some interesting twists, and some stand-out scenes. There is also plenty of violence if you are into that. The movie was quite entertaining, and worth checking out.

You can read a real review of Spartan at Rotten Tomatoes



  1. Yeah, I thought this movie was pretty good. I enjoyed the unusual dialogue. For a pretty serious movie there are some funny moments too. “Oh, baby.”

  2. IMDB has some quotes from the movie.

  3. That movie really does have some wicked lines. You should have bought it.

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