Squeegee Kids in Traffic

    9 July 2005, mid-afternoon

You can get digital cable for free for one month from Rogers right now. My mom, who wanted to watch Tamil movies, decided to take Rogers up on their offer. I spent this morning watching the Documentary Channel, which is also part of the package. I watched SPIT: Squeegee Punks in Traffic, a film about the lives of squeegee kids in Toronto. We learn about their lives through a squeegee kid, Roach, who films his day to day life, as well as being filmed himself. You see almost every aspect of these street kids lives, which is for the most part not that pleasant. (Living on the streets is an easy way to be exposed to lots of drug use and violence.) It was an interesting film that is well worth watching.

The official Squeegee Kids in Traffic web site.



  1. omg, you have got to watch “Sarkar” the bollywood adaptation of The Godfather. You’ll definitely like it!

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