Sri Lanka vs. New Zealand

   24 April 2007, early morning

It’s the semi-finals, and Sri Lanka are squaring off against New Zealand. Sri Lanka are batting first, and off to a so-so start. The run rate is good, but they have lost two important wickets: Jayasuriya was out for 1, and and Sangakara was out for 18. Both wickets were particularly lame; I’m sure they’d both be a bit disappointed in themselves. Nevertheless, Sri Lanka soldiers on. I’m hoping it’ll be a good game — I took the day off to watch it.

Update: 289-5! What a great total. Tharanga got the team going with a really good start, but I think most people will say it was Jayawardene who really got things done. In the early part of the inning Jayawardene’s strike rate was around 30% or so, but he really kicked it up in the last 10 overs, ending the game with a 100+ strike rate — great stuff. Dilshan and Silva were both out for pretty unlikely LBWs, but that happens sometimes. New Zealand will have a tough time batting with Sri Lanka’s entire bowling line-up well rested and ready to get some wickets. Should be a good innings.

Update: Malinga takes a wicket in the second over. Holy shit. Sri Lanka’s bowling attack is killer.

Update: New Zealand are all out in the 41st over. Sri Lanka played a kick ass game. New Zealand were looking good during the 10th to 20th over, and then pretty much collapsed. I was impressed that Franklin and Patel managed to rake up 64 runs between them. Sri Lanka are on to the finals.



  1. update: information about cricket would make just as much sense to me if it was written in sinhala or tamil

  2. I’ll explain the game to you one day. It’s not so complicated.

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