Star Wars III Trailer

    7 November 2004, evening time

I watched the Star Wars III trailer last night. Now, I’m not one to hype up a movie, but I think it’s safe to say that Star Wars III is going to be the greatest movie ever made of all time—well, assuming it is much better than Lucas’ last to attempts at Star Wars movies. I enjoed Star Wars II, but I mean, it’s still a bad movie. I want Star Wars III to be good. I want it to be good so bad.

It feeels like I haven’t watched a film in ages.



  1. Where did you see the trailer?

  2. oh i saw it for the first time too on friday when i went to see the Incredibles (which was a wicked movie)... the trailer looked good, like you said, hopefully it is much better then lucas’ last attempt cause it was disappointing… not up to par with 4,5,6 and 1 maybe.

  3. Dave i’m thinking by now you’ve seen the trailer..If not will post it publicly on nov 8th..If you can’t wait for that, I believe themoviebox has it in quicktime format. Not too sure myself, we just d/l it off of Kazaa. A very small wmv file, under 6mb

  4. I am ready to be disappointed. Sure he has a unique vision, a penchant for mind blowing imagery, but its always the dialogues that are uninspired. His screenplays never measure up to his stories. Yes, the trailer does excite me, but it also reminds me that in the end the result will be the same.

    But I will be there for Padme.

  5. Check out the Closer trailer for some very sexy Natalie Portman action.

    I think George Lucas is a big hack; I just hope that he has listened to the critics and made a serious effort not to be lame this time.

  6. Krishna,

    Looks very interesting. Thanx.

  7. Oh I have a bad habit of posting as other people. So Krishna’s comment was my own.

  8. Dude, using other people’s computer (with cookies enabled no less) is a bad idea for posting comments.

  9. After reading “Krishna’s” post, I was about to remark on the powerful influence you have had on him. I guess there’s no need, now.

  10. You should retitle this entry (or the other star-wars-iii entry) so that people wanting to comment on your Episode 3 review aren’t sent here by mistake.

  11. Thanks Dave; I need to add something to my site to check for duplicate URLs.

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