Starsky and Hutch

   25 July 2004, the wee hours

I watched Starsky and Hutch tonight with Shima and Riadh. I thought the film was quite funny. The movie does a pretty good send up of the 70s, making fun of the hair, music, disco, swinging, and anything else it can. The movie follows two cops as they work on trying to make a big cocaine bust. Vince Vaughn plays the coke dealer, and does a great job at it. Frankly, I think Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson can do no wrong, so there may be a little bias with respect to my opinions on the movie.

The Official Starsky and Hutch web site



  1. me thinks ram watches too many movies

  2. me thinks the same! :P

  3. nothing but truth in these comments.

    i found the movie disappointing, which was a disappointment.

  4. But Ben Stiller disco dances? How can you not like that. It’s probably the weakest movie I’ve seen from that whole group, but it’s still good.

    And fuck you all, I watch a healthy number of movies. I don’t need no damn intervention. Damn it. No where my DVDs? They love me.

  5. aw… i still like you, even though you watch way too many movies. :)

  6. Ben Stiller so should have won that disco dance off. He was robbed.

  7. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen it, but I remember laughing aloud in the theater at some parts.

    Like, the pony scene… running on the beach in slo-mo… Snoop Dogg in practically every scene he’s in (as Huggy Bear?)...

    Good, stupid, silly, funny movie. Makes me laugh just thinking aboutsome of those parts. :)

  8. I watched the movie again over the weekend. It’s still really good. Also, Carmen Electra is hot.

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