19 August 2007, mid-afternoon

The last time I watched a film in the cinema by myself, I was waiting for some friends downtown, and decided to kill the time by watching Go. I must have been in OAC at the time. That’s a damn long time ago. Today, on my day alone, I decided to watch Sunshine. Sunshine is a beautiful film. I can’t recall the last time I found a movies special effects so captivating. It doesn’t hurt that there is a whole more more to the film than its FX budget. The movie is the latest film by Danny Boyle, the man behind Trainspotting, 28 Days Later, and Shallow Grave. The premise is simple: the sun is dying, and a small ship has been sent off into space to re-ignite it. The film isn’t campy sci-fi: it’s a thrilling-ass thriller. My heart is still beating fast. Once the film really gets going it moves at such a fast pace. The ending is incredible. I’ve been told the film has got mixed reviews, but I can’t imagine why. The acting is solid, as is the plot. It’s a very exciting film. And, as I mentioned, it’s really stunning to watch. I can’t recommend this film enough.

The official Sunshine web site.



  1. I’ve never even heard of this movie. Sounds good. I want to watch it sometime.

  2. did you like Go? be warned, i’m going to judge you based on your response

  3. Go is awesome. Judge away.

  4. i think its awesome too, whew.

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