Super Flat Times

   10 October 2004, the wee hours

Rishi bought me two books for my birthday, Gun Monkeys and Super Flat Times. Super Flat Times is twisted science fiction. The book is a collection of short stories, which are supposed to be the last memories of people who were executed by being buried alive in a giant concrete mass grave. The book is at times funny, but in a very dark sort of way. The future the book presents is a straight up dystopia. Orwell would have been proud. I found the stories a bit hard to get through. Some are very hard to read and comprehend. I’ll probably have to go through the book another time and read it more carefully. Strand-out short stories in the Super Flat Times in my opinion are: The Sound Gun, The Father Helmet, Crutches Used as Weapons, Behaviour Pilot, Instructions (This is one is hilarious) and the Life Jacket. This is definitely an interesting book, worth checking out.



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