Superman Returns

   28 June 2006, the wee hours

I just watched Superman Returns, the single greatest achievement of mankind. Everything we have accomplished as a civilization has lead us towards the making of this film. We can now go about destroying the planet, comfortable in the knowledge we accomplished what God put us down here to do: make a fucking awesome Superman movie. I’m quite happy.

The official Superman Returns web site.



  1. Dear Ramanan,

    Aforementioned movie did not see a midnight release in my area. Therefore, you are officially declared a Son of a Bitch.

    Thank you.

    -The Benagement

  2. I got a call from my friend Carvill saying she can’t speak to me anymore since I watched the film without her.

    I still can’t believe how good it was. Singer captures the Superman mythos perfectly.

  3. I had a similar comment I wanted to post, but I thought it sounded childish. I’m glad other people see it the same way. Who did you see it with anyways?

  4. I saw it just now, damn it’s impressive!

  5. Dude, what the fuck. Why didn’t you call anyone?


  6. I just saw Superman. Loved it. Will likely write up a longer explanation as to why, and why it wouldn’t have been as good if Bryan Singer hadn’t directed it, and why X3 sucked. Yeah. Later. But a great movie.

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