17 May 2009, early morning

The LTTE are giving up. More shocking, or perhaps not, are reports that Prabhakaran, and several hundred men, have commited suicide. (Of course, there are other reports saying he’s alive and well, so who knows what is going on.) This is an end of an era. It will be interesting to see where things go from here.



  1. “The Tigers have warned that their conventional defeat will usher in a new phase of guerrilla conflict targeting Sri Lanka’s economically valuable targets” link

    The LTTE conceded ‘this battle’: they’re done as a conventional army, but not as a militant group. As everyone keeps saying, a political solution is the only way to really end them, and the onus for that rests with the government.

  2. I’ve read that too. The thing is, don’t you think they would have been blowing stuff up in Colombo weeks ago if they had the capability to do so?

  3. “why we would kill our own people?”

    is this guy related to the former iraqi information minister?!

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