Sydney Day 3

    2 April 2006, early evening

So I’ve been in Oz for about 3 days now. (It’s 9:30 in the morning as I write this.) I haven’t really done much of anything just yet. I sleep early in the evening, and I wake up far too early in the morning. For example, today I woke up at 6:00 in the morning, and decided to watch Lord of War. When you wake up so early in the morning, it’s like you get an entire bonus day to enjoy before lunch. I have yet to see all my cousins, though I have seen the majority now. After two proper days into my trip and I am reminded of my last stay in Sydney: I wake up at my Grandparents home, brush my teeth, eat some toast, walk to my aunts home, where I can check my email. I need to start eating Coco Pops; then this trip truly would have been worth the excessive air fare. If you haven’t had Coco Pops before, then you haven’t had the greatest breakfast cereal of all time. My stay has been relaxing thus far, but I can see doing nothing getting boring fast. I need to start thinking about how to spend my time better. The weather here is amazing. I hope the weather is just as nice when I get back to Toronto.



  1. Isn’t it coco crispes? Bring back a lot of boxes. Maybe then will I finally have some decent breakfast in waterloo.

  2. I got sick of it after a few months, Subi makes good cinnamon toast, they have other cereals as well you fool. The weather was amazing the whole time I was there, thank god I’m coming back when Toronto is heating up.

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