29 December 2008, terribly early in the morning

I watched Taken with my brother and his friends late Friday night. Taken was ridiculous in both good and bad ways, but mostly good. The film stars Liam Nielson as a bad-ass retired special-ops type guy — this is good. His daughter who runs really funny goes to Paris with her friend and the two of them are kidnapped. His daughter is played by Shanon from Lost, who can’t play a 17 year old to save her life — this is bad. Famke Janssen plays his ex-wife — oh hells yes. Nielson needs to go track his daughter down, killing and maiming all the human traffickers, their accomplices, and really anyone else who is slightly uncooperative — all kinds of good. So while the general plot line is a bit silly, Taken is well worth watching for all the ass kicking.

The official Taken web site.



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