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   21 March 2006, the wee hours

I wrote the previous entry on Serenity from within TextMate. TextMate has this feature which lets you edit text from any textbox in a Cocoa application as if it were just some document on your computer. When you save the text and close the TextMate window, you get sent back to the original application, and your text is inside the textbox you were editing. When it works, it’s pretty cool. However, my first attempt to use the service didn’t go so smoothly. I lost my first post on Serenity because the tab I was editing was no longer “in focus”. I hoped on IRC to see if anyone in the ##textmate channel could help me out.

[11:24pm] funkaoshi: hey. do any of you guys know where Textmate stores its temp files when you use the “Edit in Textmate” command?
[11:26pm] allan: funkaoshi: somewhere in /var/tmp/$UID.folders/TemporaryItems/TextMate I believe
[11:27pm] funkaoshi: let me check thanks
[11:28pm] funkaoshi: Allan: did you know that if you remove focus from a safari tab, and then try to save the document you are editing, it doesn’t work? (though it does beep to let you know it didn’t save.)
[11:29pm] allan: funkaoshi: yes… I put a note about it in the install text
[11:29pm] allan: not explicitly Safari, but the “focus” thing

I asked a question in the TextMate IRC channel at 11:24 PM, and got a response 5 minutes later. Now that is tech-support people.



  1. I have had tickets resolved in couple of minutes at TextDrive. Must be this web 2.0 thing!

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