That's so Gay

   18 May 2006, early morning

I sometimes hear well meaning people refer to things they don’t like as gay. This was much more common when I was much younger. I can excuse the sort of behaviour amongst 12 year olds who don’t know any better, but if you’re an adult and you think Macs are Gay, or McDonalds is Gay, or George Bush is gay—and not in a sexual way—well, you’re being a lame-ass. I’m sorry, but someone had to tell you.



  1. What brought this about?

  2. Was reading a website that said this application had a gay name.

  3. What was the name?

  4. Ditto Ram. I cringe everytime I hear people say it. My students say that along with “that’s so retarded” pretty regularly. It makes me feel sick.

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