The Bourne Supremacy

   24 July 2004, late at night

The second film following the adventures of Jason Bourne, the Bourne Supremacy, picks up two years after the first film ends. Now living in India—Goa no less—he is attacked by a mysterious assassin. This act draws him back in to the world he tried to escape a the end of the first movie. The film is entertaining to watch as the first movie, though I thought the plot was a little bit weaker. There are fewer fight sequences, but more chase sequences in this film when compared to the first. As action films go, I thought this one was quite good. The film also features a very cute Russian girl.

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  1. I liked “Identity” better. I thought the story in “Identity” was much more straightforward. In “Supremacy,” the level of detail caused a disconnect for me.

    And Liman’s directing in “Identity” was much better. The hand-to-hand fight scenes were beautiful in the first film. In “Supremacy,” it was too jostled for my taste. Too confused.

    “Identity” had a stylish flair that I loved, too. It was the way Bourne communicated… the way he thought… the way he moved… It was as if everything thing that happened around him resulted in an algorithmic calculation in his head and he responded accordingly. ” In “Supremacy,” I had the same feeling as I was watching him, but it didn’t seem as fluid.

    I actually watched “Identity” about 7 hours before seeing “Supremacy” so I may be nitpicking.

    “Supremacy” was a very enjoyable film. I just loved “Identity” much more.

  2. Oh, by the way, Ramanan. The cute Russian girl’s name is Oksana Akinshina (born 1987, according to IMDB) and starred in a 2002 film called “Lilya 4-Ever.”

    And you’re right, VERY cute. :)

  3. Tim, I’d agree with most of your points actually. I like the fight sequences more in the first one as well. They were similar, but less jarring I thought. I was more or less pleased with out the story progressed, though it is a bit too much information to deal with near the start. Things fall in to place closer to the middle though I would say. I guess I didn’t find things so much worse in the second. I watch the first a week or so ago, so it may not be as fresh in my mind.

  4. Sorry Ian, I erased your comment. Too many spoilers. Though I did think the ending was endearing. The films are good because given a fresh start Bourne is trying to be a better man.

  5. “The films are good because given a fresh start Bourne is trying to be a better man.”

    ...and in Goa no less!

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