The Camineet Avengers

   27 March 2007, early morning

Gary invited me to join his guild, the Camineet Avengers, some time back. It was one of the bigger Horde guilds on our server. My Warlock was finally close enough to his characters in level that we could do stuff together. I think he thought I could go raiding with his guild if I kept leveling at a good pace — which I didn’t, by the way. I never did much with anyone in the guild since they were for the most part serious-ass raiders, myself not so much. Most of the the time the guild chat would be filled with people posting links to cool items they found. I usually tuned out of what was being said because, for the most part, talking about loot in World of Warcraft is pretty boring. Now I wish I had paid more attention. The drama I witnessed last night would have made more sense: yesterday the guild imploded in a flurry of /gkicks. I’m pretty sure you don’t need to kick people out one by one, but this is what the guild officers did. Maybe it was cathartic for them. After several minutes, I was one of the last 9 people in the Camineet Avengers, a guild I was never really a part of. I need to find a new guild.



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