The Colour of Paradise

   22 February 2008, terribly early in the morning

Shima and I watched The Colour of Paradise last night, another film by Majid Majidi. This film also features children prominently. The Colour of Paradise examines the relationship of a blind boy and his (uncaring) father. The movie begins with the father arriving at the boys school for the blind (late) to pick him up for the summer, and goes on from there. Both the child and the father deliver very strong performances. There are two scenes of note that really stand out in my mind, but as is usually the case when I write about films, I don’t want to say what they are. The camera work is great. Majidi also does a great job of trying to get into the head of a blind boy, and as such the sound work in the film is also really well done. I liked Children of Heaven more, but The Colour of Paradise is certainly a good film. (One thing i’m not sure I like is the ending.)

The official The Colour of Paradise web site.



  1. Don’t you feel like all Persian movies have a similar ending?

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