The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

   26 August 2004, late at night

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time was 30% off at Chapters which is why I bought it. This was a good call on my part; the book is quite good. The book is narrated to us by Christopher Boone, an autistic child. The book begins with the murder of a dog in his neighbourhood. He tells the reader that he intends to narrate the mystery of who killed this dog. The book is only in the most loosest sense about a autistic kid trying to figure out who killed a dog. The story is bizarre and unique. I don’t think you will find another book with such a strange protagonist. Because of the narrators autism, he has trouble dealing with people, and understanding what they are asking of him. He hits people when he shouldn’t, which gets him into trouble. He acts crazy but all his neuroses are at some level to him quite logical. The book is told in a very honest and frank fashion, sort of funny and sort of sad at the same time. The book is definitely worth checking out.



  1. You should check out And the Ass Saw the Angel by Nick Cave (of Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds and The Birthday Party fame). It’s about a guy that…well, he’s not autistic, but he’s severly messed up in the head. It’s really different. If you’ve ever heard his music, it fits well with his style.

  2. Crazy; I read this review… and a day later my sister bought the book for me. Read the first few “chapters” already (which isn’t many pages) and I’m pretty sucked in already.

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