The Dark Knight

   23 July 2008, terribly early in the morning

I watched the Dark Knight with my friends last night. It was oh so good. Christopher Nolan continues to do a great job of helping us forget the crap that was Schumacher’s Batman films. The Dark Knight opens with a bank robbery that introduces the audience to the Joker, and continues from there. At the start of the film everyone views the Joker as an unimportant crazy dude; by the end of the film he’s cemented his position as Batman’s arch-rival. Heath Ledger does a great job playing the Joker. The other important element to the film is of course Harvey Dent, Gotham’s newly appointed district attorney who is cleaning up the streets and trying to put all the mobsters behind bars. At the start of the film Batman thinks he will soon be able to hand in his cape, trusting that Dent will finish the work he started. If you are familiar with the comics, you’ll know this idea doesn’t work out too well. Aaron Eckhart plays Harvey Dent, and he also does a great job with the part. Actually, everyone does a great job in this film. It’s such a solid movie. There are of course silly plot points and gadgets and all of that stuff, but on the whole it’s a very dark and interesting look Batman. It goes without saying you need to watch this movie.

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  1. Absolutely brilliant.

  2. It was a great film. I thought that it couldn’t possibly live up to the hype, but for me it did, and that’s a feat. While I didn’t walk out shouting “amazing” it’s definitely grown on me, after I’ve had a chance to digest the themes, subplots and motivations of the characters.

  3. Best…Film…Ever…I saw it in IMAX and it really did blow my mind

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