The Dark Knight Rises

    7 August 2012, early evening

I was discussing Christopher Nolan’s worst movie with my cousin. I suggested Insomnia: a Hollywood remake of a Norwegian film. He suggested The Dark Knight Rises. No fucking way! I watched the concluding film in Nolan’s Batman trilogy over the weekend. The story picks up 8 years after the last film. Bruce Wayne is a recluse and Batman hasn’t been seen since he escaped capture by the police. The movie opens with Bane kidnapping a scientist in a pretty spectacular action sequence. From there it’s all about Batman’s return to being all Batman. There are highs and lows and I thought it was all pretty fantastic. In my mind this film is comparable to the first Batman film in its scope. I feel all three films are an interesting look at the Batman mythos, but the second film felt like a much deeper look at the various archetypes found within the Batman story. The Dark Knight felt stronger and more focused. This is all irrespective of Heath Ledger’s excellent portrayal of the Joker. The acting in this film is great too. All of Nolan’s regular actors make an appearance. Tom Hardy does a great job with Bane. (I actually like his voice, a common complaint I’ve heard about the film.) The action sequences are much better done. The fights aren’t quite as frantic as they were in the first film. Hathaway is super hot. Go watch this. Did you think I’d have anything else to say here?

The official The Dark Knight Rises website.



  1. Which cousin hated it..was it Mahi? That guy is just a hater!! Also, how could you talk about the film without mentioning how freakishly hot Marion Cotilard is.

  2. You are both dead to me. Ha ha. But yes, she is extremely hawt.

  3. They changed the mix of Bane’s voice since the first trailer and it now sounds like it’s a voice-over; it doesn’t actually sound like it’s in the movie.

    I didn’t know he did Insomnia. I’ll have to check that out. I watched Following after I saw Memento, but I don’t remember anything about it.

  4. Disappointment. The story was so rag tag and made no sense at times. Bane’s dialogue at the beginning was good but then all the dialogue in the movie sort of took a nosedive and went the way of the 1997 Spawn film where everything had to be explained in huge blocks of text.

    It’s like they took all the deleted scenes from Inception off the cutting floor and tried to make a new movie with it starring a Bat Man. They probably just couldn’t afford Leonardo DiCaprio and Ken Watanabe or they would have been in the film too haha.

  5. I totally one hundred percent agree. A huge disappointment from a director who is capable of brilliance. It was bloated and incoherent and aimless and at times truly dumb. It was a string of movie and comic book cliches strung together with nothing interesting to add or say. You aren’t allowed to truly care about or learn about any character, good or bad. Everything important is explained instead of shown. Everything that is shown is vaguely baffling or contradictory.

    And come on, if you are down a well and have both ends of a rope that leads up to the top, just tie one end around you and have some other guy lift you up! Is that so hard? No emoting necessary. Ha ha.

    Okay, it was enjoyable. Just not particularly good.

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