The Dark Portal

   12 January 2007, early morning

Rahmunan and his Void Walker in the Blasted Lands

I recall wandering into the Western Plaguelands by accident when I was level 10 or so, and getting killed by a random spider there. (The Western & Eastern Plaguelands are where the game Warcraft III begin.) Now I regularly venture into the area in order to complete quests and kill monsters. I’ve been playing World of Warcraft for a long time now, and am finally close to reaching the maximum level of the game — sixty. (Of course, in a week the Warcraft expansion will be released and the level-cap will move to 70.) I can now travel to most areas in the game without dying outright — it usually takes a few moments for me to die. One area that I have finally been able to go to without dying really quick is the Blasted Lands, which is where the Dark Portal is located. The Dark Portal is pictured behind the login screen for World of Warcraft when you start the game up; it plays an important role in the previous Warcraft games. It’s funny how quiet the area was when I got there, as a week later it is now swarming with people trying to kill demons coming through the portal. So, half a year later, I’m still very much enjoying the World of Warcraft; I’m looking forward to the Burning Crusade expansion.



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