The Dark Side of the White Lady

    4 May 2006, the wee hours

Sometimes you watch a movie and it makes you angry; The Dark Side of the White Lady was such a film. The Esmeralda, this Chilean flagship, was used during the 1973 coup in Chile as a convenient spot to torture, rape, and murder those people the newly formed ‘government’ felt were a threat. The Esmeralda is this movie’s White Lady. Father Michael Woodward was tortured and killed on the boat. The audience watches as 30 years later his family still tries to get some justice. Two other victims of torture on the Esmeralda also figure prominently in the film. All three stories taken together comprise the bulk of the film. There are a few interviews with former navy admirals will probably leave you frustrated you can’t yell at them in person. It was a good movie. One of those films everyone should see, and be aware of.

The official The Dark Side of the White Lady web site.



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