The Day After Tomorrow

    2 June 2004, the wee hours

The big budget movie of the summer didn’t disappoint. I think the trick was to go in with expectations so low that anything they put on the screen would look like gold. The story was quirky enough to be entertaining, and the special effects were incredible. If you want to see some serious eye candy, go check the movie out. Just don’t spend too much money on your tickets. Oh, and incase you haven’t been watching TV, The Day After Tomorrow is about global warming causing another ice age.

The Official Website of The Day After Tomorrow



  1. I didn’t like it so much. I thought it was way cheezy and the producers selectively chose to freeze ppl. What I’m interested in though, is the bum with the dog. He looks exactly like this bum in an ethnographic study I read on Greenwich Village in NY (Sidewalks is a great book, as is Slims Table by Mitchell Duneier if you have time). Anyway- is there anychance to know what that bum (in the movie)’s name is? I wonder if it’s “Mudrick”...

  2. Yeah… I’m with Cherie on this one. The script could’ve used some work (so could the acting, frankly). It fell into the same trap that Emmerich keeps falling into with his movies… in the middle of chaos when millions perish, create some good ‘ole human stories about love, etc.

    For me, it creates a disconnect. Two hours is not enough time to build a disaster flick and still dwell on (1) the relationship between a father and son, (2) the relationship between wife and husband, (3) the relationship between dog and bum (just kidding).

    By the way, isn’t the bum the same guy from ID4 that held the “doomsday” sign as the meteor hit New York?