The Five People You Meet in Heaven

   24 October 2004, early evening

I bought a copy of The Five People You Meet in Heaven at Chapters last weekend, using the same metric I have used to buy many a book before it: I grab one that is 30% off and near the front of the store. So far, this has served me well.

The Five People You Meet in Heaven was quite good. The story begins with the death of Eddie, the maintenance worker at Ruby Pier ammusement park. The book follows his voyage through the beginnings of his afterlife. Though he feels his life is unexceptional, through the course of the book we see how his life is not without purpose and meaning.

I think the concept of heaven presented in the book is interesting. Heaven is a place where you are given time to reflect upon and understand your life. The author suggests that upon entering heaven we are introduced in succession to 5 people who each will teach us a lesson about our lives. The author suggests, and I would agree with him, that are lives are all intertwined in ways we may never fully comprehend.

I thought the end of the book was a bit weak, but on the whole it was a great read. The book is definetly worth checking out.



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