The Fountain

    2 March 2008, early morning

I watched Darren Aronofsky’s third film, the Fountain, with Mezan and Carvill yesterday. There are three story lines in the film: in the present day, where a scientist is trying to save his dying wifes life by searching for a miracle cure to brain cancer; in the past, where a Spanish conquistador is searching for the tree of life for his Queen, and in the future, where a dude is traveling through space in a sphere with a tree. It’s basically a love story, with some science fiction mixed in. The dude is always played by Wolverine and the lady by the lovely Rachael Weisz. It’s an interesting film. I liked it a lot. Visually it’s quite stunning. I thought both Weisz and Jackman did good jobs playing their respective characters. The Fountain is well worth watching.

The official The Fountain web page.



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