The Joys of Ensuite Laundry

    6 September 2006, early morning

There are several things I like about the ensuite laundry at my new place. First off, I don’t need to wheel the washing machine over to the sink. This is a big plus; a big big plus. This new washing machine also doesn’t sound like it’s going to fall through the floor. It must be a combination of the concrete floors and the fact the washing machine is firmly planted on the ground, underneath a dryer. My old washing machine would shake it like a salt-shaker. The new dryer actually vents hot air out in to a vent, which I assume carries the air up to the roof. My old dryer just spat the air out in to our Kitchen. If you like a warm humid apartment, this might be seen as a plus I suppose. I left my new dryer on as I slept; I trusted it not to burst in to flames while I was sleeping. My old dryer was a fire waiting to happen. These are just a few of the joys of ensuite laundry.



  1. I haven’t been told not to do laundry at night—I haven’t really been told anything with respect to the place yet. I didn’t think these particular machines were that loud though, and since the units are all seperated by concrete walls and fire doors I can’t imagine too much noise leaks out in to the halls. The machines were an OK size i’d say.

  2. In my experience (and as you might expect), the noise travels through the ground much more easily than it does through the walls.

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