The Ladykillers

   15 September 2004, lunch time

You might have thought I had slowed down with my movie watching, but think again. I watched The Ladykillers with Gary last night. I thought the film was hilarious. The movie is about a group of robbers who are trying to rob a casino. They are tunnelling from the home of a very religious, strong-minded, black women whom the leader of the group has rented a room from. The dialogue in the film is great because each of the five lead character in the movie sounds, acts, and talks totally different than the rest of the characters. The film is strange to say the least. I think the film is well worth watching.

The official The Ladykillers web site



  1. Really? I was disappointed by this movie. I always expect a lot from the Cohen brothers and this film is a let-down in that the plot is predictable and really the strangeness/originality factor is low compared to their better works (Oh Brother, The Man Who Wasn’t There, Fargo, The Big Lebowski).

    I’m still waiting for the Cohen brothers’ Next Great Movie™. Intolerable Cruelty didn’t cut it either.

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