Free Love On the Free Love Freeway

   21 November 2004, late morning

I watched the conclusion to the Office last night. I bought the first series on a lark several months ago, and the second series shortly after. The show is absolutely brilliant. The second series ended on a seriously low note; it was quite bleak. The Christmas special is two parts long, and follows the cast of the show 3 years later, as the documentary team that was filming them goes back to see how they are doing. Funnily enough, not much has changed, which is what I think one of the themes of the show was. People are still stuck in the same ruts they were in when the second series ended, regardless of the ‘changes’ they have forced on themselves or have had forced upon them. The show ends in a very satisfying manner which was apparently very well received when the show was run in England. Shima was on the edge of her seat. I’m not sure if this last special is as funny as some of the previous episodes in the series, but it was definitely a good conclusion to the show. I’ve said it plenty of times before, but this show is too good not to watch.



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