The Passion of the Christ.

    5 March 2004, the wee hours

I just got back from seeing The Passion of the Christ. I thought the film was good.

Charges the film are violent are not unfounded. The film is very realistic, to the point of being very gruesome at many points. The film is about the last 12 hours of Christ’s life, so I have to wonder what people were expecting. Especially since Mel Gibson movies are usually quite bloody.

Charges that the film is anti-Semitic are unfounded in my opinion. The film definitely casts the Jewish high-priests in a bad light. (The Roman leaders are more reflective about what is happening. However, I am quite sure that in the New Testament it is the Jewish priests out for blood, not the Romans. They do let the murderer free over Christ after-all.) Now, while the Jewish Priests are being portrayed in a bad light, there are still some priests that realize that what is going on is a travesty, and will have no part in condemning Christ. Similarly, the streets are filled with Jews who are upset at what is going on. There are plenty of Jewish characters that sympathize with the plight of Jesus in the film. I’m not sure if the portrayal of the high-priests is accurate or not. Perhaps they were equally as reflective in the Bible. (Something I’ll have to look into.) My point is that anyone watching the film and thinking the Jews killed Christ, probably thought as much before they started watching the movie.

I recommend the film. It is interesting to watch.




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