The Raid 2: Berandal

   21 April 2014, early evening

I had the most unrealistic expectations going into The Raid 2: Berandal, the Sequel to The Raid: Redemption. The film met those expectations ten fold. Hollywood just isn’t able to make films like The Raid and its sequel. The Raid 2 is violent in a way few films today can manage. It felt like something out of the 80s. Mixed in with this ultra violence is unsurpassed action, superbly shot and edited. I’m still not sure any one scene in The Raid 2 matches the “axe” scene in the first film, but there is no shortage of absolutely breath taking cinema in the sequel. The camera follows the action: no matter how fast and furious things are on the screen you never feel lost. This film has a much more involved plot. Rama goes deep cover trying to bust some crime lords. Of course, the movie could have been a bunch of punching and I’d have been happy. The movie is long, at 2.5 hours, but doesn’t feel it. It uses each of those minutes effectively. There are no wasted shots. The quiet is quiet and the loud is very loud. I love this film.

The trailer for The Raid 2: Berandal is god damn amazing.



  1. I just saw the movie and it was brilliant. It was bloody amazing.

  2. The directory already has his sights set on #3


    TONY JAA~!

  3. Tony Jaa is in Ong Bak.

  4. I like how it’s the Sivaranjan’s all over this film. Yeah I saw the movie as well and was weeping when it was over, it’s a god damn masterpiece. It IS the best action film ever made, you didn’t even mention the car chase scene or the rumble in the kitchen.

  5. Every single scene is basically amazing I didn’t want to just list them all. The prison fight? Come on!

  6. You are correct, the whole movie is just unreal. I was trying to explain it to Ann after I watched it and she told me to calm down…I was really worked up haha

  7. Did you check the IMDB link fool. He is listed as an actor in Raid 3

  8. Never mind it seems to be nothing

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