The Ram and Shima Pod Cast

   25 September 2007, early morning

I’m listening to John Gruber and Dan Benjamin ramble on about getting their wisdom teeth out. It’s time for a rambling-ass Shima and Ram podcast.

cue intro music
Ram: So last night I cleaned the bathroom.
Shima: Oh yeah, you totally did.
R: We need more of that powered bleach cleaner stuff.
S: I think you can buy it at food basics. Maybe are listeners can recommend some places. Listeners, you can email us your bleach suggestions at
R: That powered bleach really makes my hands feel weird. I should use gloves.
S: You don’t use gloves? Ram!
R: Yeah, you know how it is. Gloves get all wet and gross on the inside. Or maybe that’s all in my head.
S: Ram!
R: Lets take some viewer mail. Dave writes, “How long can you too ramble on about nothing?” Well Dave, pretty damn long i’d say.
S: I gave cut eye to the men standing in front of Club Paradise last night.
R: You love doing that, eh?
S: Yes. It’s the only way they’ll learn.
R: Its true.
and 45 minutes later cue outro music

Shima seems to find all the cool podcasts. I don’t have so much luck. The Talk Show isn’t as bad as I make it sound. It’s very much like morning radio. I also like how the show just starts with them talking: no annoying lead-in music is a big plus. It’s just too all over the place for my liking. And episode 10 is an hour long? Come on dudes. (Update: Actually, now 40 minutes in, I suppose it is strangely engaging.)



  1. You know, you really should make the Shima and Ram-bling Webcast or something. I think it’d make for entertaining listenning.

    I demand a 2nd episode!

  2. I agree with Iluvitar!

  3. I agree too.

    (you two)

  4. The last three episodes would have been depressingly sad.

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